Monday, December 12, 2011

Zuster Hinchcliff is off and flying. She said her good-by's and finished what she could and is gone. She is happy and excited to serve the Lord. She will be in Salt Lake tonight and off to Provo either tonight or tomorrow to stay with her old roommates. Then on the 14th, she will enter the MTC.
Nicole is a little sad, but has the comfort of knowing that Mary will be home to occupy her time on friday. KJ is ready to hear about all the adventures Zuster Hinchcliff is going to have. She is a great example to all and will do a great job!
The email address for Zuster Hinchcliff is
An address for packages will be coming. I will keep you posted. We thank you all for your loving support. This will be her main form of communication so keep checking back. Love all of us.

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