Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan. 11, 2012

So this winter in UT in exceptionally dry, it's only snowed once maybe twice and it has melted pretty quickly. This is super bad for the spring/summer, but right not it is super bad for me because my hands are majorly cracking! I'm putting lotion on all the time and I still have permanent sores/cuts/cracks that stay open. It hurts to bend my pointer finger, weird huh? Stinks for UT too.
So you asked me in a DearElder letter how to say daughter, I'm pretty sure it dochter (like docter) but not 100% on that...I've never actually said it. Mother is Moeder though and Father is Vader (not like Darth Vader, it's pronounced F-O-Der and Moeder is pronounced moo-der). Some more fun words are moe (pronounced moo) meaning tired, grap (the g is guttural so it sounds like crap) meaning joke, and heel (pronounced hale) meaning very. Nederlands les van de dag!

Elder Nelson gave us devotional yesterday! As in Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles! It was awesome!!! I wrote about it in my letter to you all though, so I'll leave it at that :) (We will fill that in later when the letter comes.)

Let everyone know that I want to hear from them too. Whether email, letter, or dearelder (honestly preferably dearelder because it's faster for me to see). Even if all it is is a good joke or what happened at school, work, church, seminary, whatever. I'd like to get some testimonies :)
Anyway, I love you all!!!! Choose the Right :)

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