Thursday, February 2, 2012


50th birthday of MTC

So every Sunday before Relief Society we get to watch Music and the Spoken Word and this Sunday while singing they flashed this nature scene that looks just like that painting we have in our house in the big brown picture frame. Know which one I´m talking about? Anyways, it reminded me of home and I thought it was cool to see what might have been the inspiration for that painting. I love all the programs we´re able to be a part of here, Music and the Spoken Word, a fireside every Sunday, a mission conference every fast Sunday, and devotionals every Tuesday.
Sunday one my companions, Zuster Townsend, old stake president spoke and he definitely called us out while he spoke. But it was ok because afterward we got to visit with him and he smuggled us some treats and he is going to try to call you. His name is Robert Swenson, he works in the mission department and is so kind. His wife was with him and it was so nice to get a motherly hug. However, as a result of him calling us out, the MTC president now wants to meet with us...don´t know what that´s all about or if it will happen, but yeah...scary!
Guess who came this Tuesday?! Elder Nelson and Elder Holland!! It was so awesome! And the choir got to sing this beautiful version of, Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer for them! I got to sing for apostles! Sweet! And I didn´t see it, but am told my face was on the screen, so they saw me. Yeah, I´m a big deal. Just kidding, but really. I´m actually lucky I got in, so many people wanted to sing and not everyone got to be in the choir. A lot of missionaries were turned away because there weren´t enough seats in the choir. And then, all these general authorities and missionary board and previous mtc presidents came too, so a lot of missionaries were put into overflow and didn´t get to be in the room with the apostles. I am super doubly blessed. All the big wigs were here in honor of the 50th anniversary of the MTC, the jubille year as Elder Nelson reminded us. So they spoke about the history of the MTC and missionaries and the power of the Book of Mormon and Elder Nelson offered a dedicatory prayer for some buildings that recently had some work done. Elder Holland was the junior companion for the night, so he talked for 5 to 10 min in the beginning about our obligation to act, pray, love, serve, teach, etc. the way we are expected to. No pressure. Haha but it was really uplifting and I just love listening at the feet of the apostles. They are truly men of God.
Sorry I can´t write more, I´m already 12 minutes over, dang timer!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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