Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holy Places D&C 101:22 & 64

Mom, you and I are so similiar, I love it! I also take advantage of any time I have to do hidden exercises ;) It's funny that you say your week was long and boring because it sounds like you all are very busy with a lot! Haha my week in any case has just zoomed by! This week has been so amazing and I got host Zuster Wood and Zuster Townsend on exchanges here in Amsterdam and go to Gouda for exchanges with Zuster Djoukeng, each one was so amazing! I learn so much from all of these girls, they are such great examples! Zuster Wood and Djoukeng came out with the same group as my companion, Zuster Larson, and they are some of the most incredible missionaries I've been privileged to serve with. They're all just so prepared and motivated! I have a full testimony that they have been hand-picked by the Lord to start off the wave of sisters we're getting here this summer. I'm bummed I won't get to serve with all the incredible sisters the Lord is sending our way, but I'm eternally grateful for the honor of serving with who I'm sure are the top. 
Some miraculous experiences I've had with the sisters this week are:
-Witnessing the miracle of a priesthood blessing and a confirmation
-Having locked doors literally blow open giving us access into a building full of children of God searching for the truth
-Teaching a woman who is so prepared for baptism that she's committed to making the covenant this month after just one lesson
-Working hard despite an appointment falling through and due to diligence and enthusiasm running into people who needed us at the end of our hour. 
-Food was provided for us every day this week and in abundance!!
-Interviews with President Robinson
-Celebrating birthdays
-Cheering up a woman who has lost all hope 
-And so many other wonderful things, big and small, that change my life on a daily basis. 
In RS yesterday we watched a mormonmessage about a girl's preparation to take some names to the temple. The RS president talked about how each moment of preparation can be considered a "holy place" in the timeline of our day, week, life, existence, etc. because they prepare us for greater and better things. She also talked about how in times of difficulty we can create "holy places" as we come to rely on the Lord and really exercise faith in Christ's Atonement. That's what I feel a mission is for me. One big "holy place" that allows me to come to know the Savior in an invaluable manner. I am so grateful for all the experiences I have every day here. 
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week full of miraculous moments as well. I am so grateful that you are my eternal family! What blessed am I!! 
D&C 101: 22, 64 Behold, it is my will, that all they who call on my name, and worship me according to mine everlasting gospel, should gather together, and stand in holy places;... That the work of the gathering together of my saints may continue, that I may build them up unto my name upon holy places; for the time of harvest is come, and my word must needs be fulfilled.

I am so glad for the work the Lord has done to gather our family together and all that He continues to do so we can stay together in holiness. I am also grateful for what He trusts me to do to help others.
Love you!!!
Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

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