Monday, October 15, 2012

Only on a mission, Oct. 15th, 2012


Haha so I have had a pretty fantastic/crazy week filled with experiences that I think are only possible on a mission. One of those experiences happened as a result of the inspired referral from a member. Her friend was not interested in the Gospel, but the referral got us to a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood we'd never seen before. We began knocking doors, but either no one was home or no one was interested. Jammer. It was about time for us to head to another part of the city, but Zuster Jones was inspired for us to walk another way. We turned the corner and found another really beautiful street and decided to knock a few more doors. The first few didn't answer, and in a bit of a pleading/exasperated voice my companion said, "Heavenly Father please let someone open a door so we can at least see inside one of these beautiful homes," to which I half jokingly added, "and maybe we could even get a tour!" We knocked a few more doors and nothing. Then, I turned around and noticed a door we had skipped over. I felt like it was important to knock there and not only did the door open, but the first words out of the woman's mouth were, "Kom maar binnen." That never happens! People don't just invite strangers into their homes, at least, not on my mission! We naturrlijk accepted her invitation and ended up getting to have tea and chocolate with her and her adorable 90 year old husband while we heard some stories from their lives (turns out he was a legit Nazi...thank goodness for the Atonement!) and taught the Plan of Salvation. As we were getting up to leave they not only invited us back, but offered us a tour the next time!! Does Heavenly Father answer prayers or what?! Also, these two have three married children all with little families of their own, we're really hoping and praying we're able to be able to teach all of them! 
Some other fantastic/crazy things that happened this week are:
-Eating rabbit (a typical Belgian dish) and FuFu, fried plantains, and yams (typical Ghanian dishes) 
-Had a friend go to the hospital and in an hour needed to coordinate how to get her daughter home from school and get her some help. Everything ended up well and although she wasn't able to walk, our friend has since been miraculously healed through her faith and prayers and the faith and prayers of others.
-Sister exchanges, I went to Zoetemeer (a small doorpje in Nederland where the Den Haag temple is) for a day and got to work with Zuster Omozokpia! She's a fantastic greenie who's being trained by one of my MTC companions and we had a great time together. I learned a lot from her in the 24 hours we were together and am super grateful for her humble, faithful, and fearless example. 

Other cool stuff too, but I gotta run and catch a train now to Brugge!!!

Love you all!!! 

Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

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