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Christmas Time - Nov. 26th

Christmas Time

Good news, Pepe isn't lost! He wasn't able to come to church last Sunday because his son was with him and is against the church. But, he has switched which days he has his son so that he can come to church on Sundays and was there yesterday. We have taught him the Restoration so far and tonight we'll teach the Plan of Salvation! He's still praying to know the truth, but to be honest I think he's already got his answer and is looking for further verification. I'm cool with that, I know as long as he remains sincere he'll find it. Last week we set up a baptismal date with him for December 23, Merry Christmas! Yesterday at church he met a few of our ward leaders and they all like him and had positive interactions and impressions. Tonight we have a joint teach to Pepe with the elder's quorom president and his mother. Our ward continues to be increasingly supportive of us and the work. It feels good to be working in unity with them. Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous for transfers next week, to find out what the Lord has planned next...I'm hoping it involves me getting to continue the work here in Antwerpen, but if not I know they'll be left in good hands and I'll be where I'm needed.
Speaking of which, I'm considering extending my mission from July to August. I don't know the policy or rules or wat dan ook daarover, maar ik wil heel graag een zendeling blijven als lang mogelijk. I feel good about staying, but we'll see what President Robinson says. I know whatever is decided will be what the Lord wills.
As far as how other things this week have gone, remember that young family we found on the street from our bishop? Yeah, the wife didn't want it :/ we were pretty heartbroken. Like on the verge of tears. So we talked to literally every person on the street we saw after that convinced that we'd find someone who needed us in that area at that time. We ended up talking with a professor of religion whose students are interested in learning more about our church! He asked us if he could give our information to them so those who wanted to could meet up with us. Uhh, 'turlijk! He told us it would be purely for scholastic reasons and they would not be looking to be converted. We told him we are more than happy to answer their questions and so he accepted our information. We really hope some of them call, even if they aren't looking for "conversion" there's no way to share a testimony of the truth with someone and not have the spirit present. Hopefully one of them will be touched.
Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with a family in our ward, the Sherlocks, and tracted in their little village. Turns out that there has never been investigators in their village besides one woman whose friend introduced her to the gospel and was baptized a few years ago. We have absolutely no other records of people being taught in this town! Zuster Jones and I are trying to work with the members who live in the small villages such as this one that have never really had any tracting or a strong missionary presence to introduce more people to the gospel. It means traveling more outside the city for us, but hey, if that's where the families are, that's where I want to be. As far as our Thanksgiving celebration went, we had a lot of fun and ate some delicious food. Zuster Sherlock bought turkey and we had as many traditional Thanksgiving dishes as we could including greenbean casserole, sweet potatoe pie, and pumpkin pie, mmm! The Sherlock family is my little British-Dutch family here in Antwerpen and I love them a lot! Jessica and David, the two teenagers remind me a lot of Mary and KJ, it's nice to be around family for the holidays :) (Side-note for mom, Zuster Sherlock posted our Thanksgiving pictures to facebook, you should friend her! Ingrid Sherlock is her name and her email is ).
Mom, I really liked what you said in your email last week about developing a faith that is based on more than convience or the moment. This weekend I've had a few conversations with people about faith and what it takes to develop an enduring faith that is evident in our convictions and works. Thank you so much for your example.
Hey, guess what?! Thanksgiving is done and it's official the Christmas season now! Well, at least I know it is in America. Haha people here celebrate Sinterklaas before Christmas, so there aren't too many Christmas decorations up yet, but I'm told that after next week things get more decorative...we'll see ;) I love you all a lot and am excited to hear about your service experiences this Christmas. One of my favorite family traditions is service whether through a gift drop, caroling, doing stuff for a secret person, or delivering cookies. Whoever has my name this year can serve me by doing some missionary work and letting me know how it goes! You all are great and I am glad for you support!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

PS Mom, don't forget to post my pictures and emails on the blog! Thanks :)

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