Tuesday, December 18, 2012

8 Days and Counting

Oh, just so you all know, my mailing address here in Dordrecht is:

Zuster Becky Hinchcliff
Gemeenlandskade 12

3343 NB Hendrik Ido Ambacht


Missionary work here is moving along...haha Zuster Raun and I are still trying to get the hang of things, but we don't get lost as frequently and generally aren't too late places....That said, we did have an experience last week where we went to a member's house for dinner and were perfectly on time for dinner, were there exactly long enough, and left in what we thought was perfect time to catch the bus at 8. We were told it was too far to bike to the doorpje so we depended on public transport to get us there and were depending on it to get us home. However, it turns out the bus runs later in the evenings and following bus wasn't going to come around until 8:42. It was cold and we didn't want to wait around for the bus so we decided just to walk from bus stop to bus stop until it came so we could at least stay warm. Well, that backfired when we missed the bus between stops...We ended up walking 3 hours to get home haha good companion bonding time I guess. Some other funny things that happened this week were when we went Christmas caroling and literally everyone minus 2 people said no thank you (who says that to Christmas carolers?!) and the 2nd person who did let us sing ended up recording us to post on facebook or something...I think he thought we were funny. It's better, however, than all the people at the Kerst Markt (Christmas Market) who shot us down for trying to share a message about Christ...It's His holiday for goodness sakes! Oh man, what's wrong with people?!
Luckily we do have little miracles mixed in with all this craziness to remind us of the rewarding part of missionary work. Like the woman who showed up to our ZHV (RS) Christmas party and set-up an appointment to meet with us this week, the former investigator we ran into on the outskirts of the Kerst Markt who is going to take another look into the gospel of Jesus Christ, the investigator who is so set on getting baptized this week that he's willing to get baptized at an absurd time of the day even if hardly anyone is present and another investigator who is so set on getting baptized by his date in January that he and his girlfriend are holding a small, quick, and quiet wedding ceremony without many friends or family at the end of this month, and the Christmas Musical Concert put on by our stake featuring a few professional violin and piano players that we got to participate in as missionaries. Also, my companion is amazing. Not only does she have a great sense of humor and is patient with all my many blunders, but she is a total sweet-heart, diligent, and she speaks astounding Dutch! Especially considering that she's only been here for what a week or two? Amazing.
It's good to hear about things at home. Sounds like Dad, KJ, and Nicky had some great performances, I'm excited to have a personal performance when I come home (and yes I am planning on it :) ). Oh, speaking of coming home, I just got my official release date today, my mission has been extended til...drum roll please! July 24th 2013! Haha can you believe it?! I am still trying to figure out if they purposefully planned it on my birthday or not. But hopefully you and Dad are in fact able to pick me up because that means that on my birthday I'll get to see you! What a great gift!
Well, I got to go, but I'll SEE you next week!!!

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  1. Zuster Hinchcliff is a great missionairy with great enthousiasm and care !
    bro van Eeden, highcounselor for the Haarlem ward