Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey Family!
I just want you all to know I love you a lot. Like an overwhelming a lot! You all are incredible.
This week has been soo great! Tuesday was Konninginneday (Queens Day) and we took advantage of the holiday to talk with hundreds of the people on the street out celebrating. We set up a stand where we shared pass-along cards, pamphlets, and copies of the Book of Mormon. We shared about 40 books with everyone and pretty much everyone who received one specifically requested it! We are still working on contacting all the people we met from the booth. Such a great experience. The individuals we met I believe were sent there by the Lord at just the time they needed for the particular pass-along card or pamphlet we shared in that moment. 
An example of this is a young Polish family we handed an English Family Proclamation to, not because we knew they were Polish, but because it was the end of the day and that's all we had left! About 5 minutes later I saw them walking back to us and my first thought was, "Oh no! They realized what they accepted to read and are returning it because they don't want anything to do with Christ," as had happened with others during the day. However, to my surprise the man asked, "Where can we find this church? Is is here in Amsterdam? Where is this church? We had a sister missionary teach us about this in Poland, Zuster (I can't remember who they said). We loved her and the message she shared. Where can we find this church?" A much better reaction than I expected. And just think, if they hadn't come at that time they may have received another pamphlet or card and not realized it was from the same church. 
Another young man who came to our booth shared an extended moment with us, 5-6 hours worth. D. attended Institute with a friend the week before and heard us invite everyone to participate at our booth. None of the young adults came, but he did. He told us how he'd been reading in the Book of Mormon, about 30% of it so far, and had some questions. We answered his questions and he spent his Queens Day reading the pamphlets we were sharing, observing the reactions of others to our efforts, and he even helped give away a copy of the Book of Mormon himself. The next evening he was again at  Institute where we arranged an appointment for the next day. Since then we've met with him twice, he's come to sacrament meeting, and he's accepted a baptismal date! 
I love missionary work.
I got a new companion this week, Zr. Larson. She is a sweetheart who came to share her love for our Savior and every time she bears testimony all present are flooded with the Spirit of love too. Teaching with her has provided some of the most powerful lessons of my mission. She came here to testify and work and her focus helps me be better. 
I really love it out here.

I love you truly and eternally,
Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

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