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Spritual Feasting, Sept 10

Rebecca Hinchcliff
Sep 10
to mejulie
I got lunch at a sandwich place the other day. It was pretty good, probably the best sandwich I've had since I've been here. It got me thinking on New Deli and how delicious it is which was a bummer b/c the sandwich I was eating in no way could even compare with what I've eaten at New Deli. Then I got thinking on the gospel and spiritual experiences I've had on my mission (and before) that bring me so much happiness and joy. Nothing else can even compare with what I've "feasted" upon (2 Nephi 32:3). It's pretty good motivation to work hard to have more of these experiences with more people (aka missionary work). What a great life I enjoy!

*Random side note, after eating my sandwich I craved an apple and after eating that a New Deli candy apple for me would you? Apple pie apple or reeses sound great right now!

Speaking of New Deli, we have a family in our ward here from India (New Delhi), and we had just about the most delicious dinner the other evening with them. Since being in Antwerpen I have also enjoyed Labanese food, Italian food, African food (not sure which was from a sketchy stand on the street. It was delicious though and I didn't get sick, so I'd def go back!), Belgian food ('turlijk), Surinams food, and today we're having Egyptian with a member for lunch, what great! 

This week has been loaded with wonderful spiritual feasting. Monday we had a great FHE with members from our ward and our friend, Sara, over the Commandments. When we planned it that morning in our companion study we just combined a couple of things we had all studied during our personal studies, and it turned out to be just what a few of them needed! Love it when that happens. Tuesday Zuster Jones had an impression when our morning appointment fell through to walk to our back up appointment and on the way we ran into some members who were basically waiting/preparing for us to come over so they could feed us lunch. Sweet! After that we continued on to our back up where we met with a man who earlier expressed interest in the gospel. During the course of our lesson his brother and two friends came over and now we have second appointments with each one of them! Cool how the Lord works through a simple impression to walk to line things up just so perfectly and timely that we end up with four new investigators. It truly is "by small and simple things that great things are brough to pass." On Wednesday we had a zone conference (third one this transfer) in Rotterdam with President Kearon (he's in the area presidency) and it was amazing!! He focused a lot on the power of prayer and the importance of being enthousiastic and passionate for missionary work. It really got us all thinking about our aproach to missionary work and what we can do to improve. Zuster Herring and Jones and I were motivated to do more for our ward members and investigators and think outside the "norm." Thursday we had an amazing lesson with a man we ran into on the street and he is super excited to read the Book of Mormon and meet again this Thursday. Friday we had a zone prayer at 10:30 to better apply the power of prayer in the work and miracles were happening up and down the place! Saturday we had several awesome lessons with investigators and members alike and Sunday we implemented one of our new ideas for our ward. It's called "Iemand Houdt van U!!" and basically it's like when people back home "boo" each other with a plate of goodies during the Halloween season but only within the members of our ward and without the ding-dong ditching. The goal is that everyone in the ward recieves a plate of goodies and passes it on to unify everyone and spread some much needed love. The relief society president and her family helped us get it in action and every family we visited with a plate of cookies and a card loved the idea. We really excited to see it spread!! Another exciting occurence Sunday were transfer calls. Zuster Jones and I are staying here in Antwerpen together and Zuster Herring is moving on to Den Haag to another tri-pan. We've had a lot of fun together and I've learned a lot during this transfer so it's a bummer to be split up, however, we pretty much expected it so we made the most of our time together and I'd say it was successful. Anyway, there's an undetailed version of my week in kort review :) 

I hope you are all enjoying the new school season and the new member of our family!! Send me more pictures soon alstublieft!! I love you all!! Tot volgende week!!

Love, Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

PS do me a favor and eat some New Deli for me! Give a shout-out to everyone there for me too and tip well, they deserve it! :)

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