Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Eve morning


Sorry you didn't get any calls or emails to confirm skyping plans for tomorrow. Turns out our bishop went to the hospital this week so stuff here was kinda'  crazy/emotional (I live with the bishop's daughter) and he was the one I was going to have call you all because he was going to set-up the skype stuff or so I thought but turns out Zuster Raun and I are now going to the mission home with a couple elders for Christmas Day. I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to skype at 9am though, so no worries. But if I'm not precise on time don't stress. Hopefully President or Sister Robinson will  be able to get it all set-up though. I think they will be pleased to. PS our bishop is out of the hospital and doing fine :)
I'm bummed you all don't have my package yet! It's really cool and I really want you all to get it together! I'm going to be praying it shows up today at Melissa and Kevin's place. I have received Melissa and Kevin's package but not the other two yet. I got Melissa's at our Zone Conference last week but am not opening it til tonight. We're celebrating Christmas tonight with our housemates with a gift exchange and dinner...Zuster Raun and I don't actually have gifts for everyone though so that's a bummer. But we have been doing their chores for them and other things so hopefully they aren't too bummed without anything to actually unwrap from us. As far as the packages from the family and Grandma and Grandpa go hopefully they've now arrived in the country and I can pick them up at the mission home...hopefully. I'll let you know tomorrow when I see (!) you :)

I'm super excited to skype you all tomorrow!! Well, mostly...I keep having all these dreams with you all making surprise appearances which is cool, but also really confusing/emotional/causes me anxiety because even though I'm dreaming I know I'm not supposed to be seeing you while on my mission and I'm far from ready to come home so...yeah. Christmas has made me very sentimental/stressed/emotional. And then adding training to that and I'm basically a mess. Well, not really I seem really put together to everyone else, but inside I'm pretty much a wreck and am afraid I'm going to explode like every other second. It hasn't happened yet though so hopefully the world will remain safe. I think I wouldn't be so stressed if I could go for a run, but turns out my companion isn't a morning person and isn't willing to get up to exercise and especially not if it involves going outside or running. This causes me more stress. So then when we are outside I try to relieve my stress via biking, but we have the whole sight and sound rule and my companion is not yet used to biking and goes REALLY slow. So yeah, I'm basically a walking tight rope right now. Basically, I'm just giving you a heads up if I am really emotional tomorrow. I'll try to figure out a way to relieve it before then though.

Oh man, I still can't believe tomorrow is Christmas. I've been out for a year. Weird. Totally worth it though, despite the emotion and stress. This last weekend we got to participate in a baptism in Utrecht for a guy who lives in our boundaries but goes to school and works in Utrecht so the elders there have been teaching him. It was a really simple and small service, but beautiful nonetheless. The spirit was so sweet and pure. I'm so grateful I can feel it :) Here in Dordrecht selfs Zr. Raun and I have four super solid investigators, three with baptismal dates and the fourth will hopefully have one before the week is out. Actually, we're hoping to have a baptism here this weekend as well, but the girl still hasn't decided haha. We're just going to apply our faith though and get her in the water :) Missionary work is tons of fun and I'm learning a lot from Zuster Raun of how to be a better missionary. She's so amazing, even if I do expereince some stress ;) So we heard yesterday and again today from some senior couples in our zone that by April we will have 30 new sisters here! AHHHHHH, so exciting!! :) Missionary work is just going to keep on booming! I'm so excited to be a part of it.

Love you all, see you tomorrow!!

Love, Zuster Becky Hinchcliff

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