Monday, July 30, 2012

July 16th

I hope you all at home are doing well!! Zuster Stout and I have had quite the eventful week...on Wednesday her bike was stolen, that slowed down our schedule a bit. Thursday my bike had a flat tire, so we couldn't even achter op (that's when one sister bikes while the other sits on the luggage rack on the back) and were forced to take public transportation and walk. Friday we fixed my bike and achter op-ed to the bishop's house for dinner where he was waiting with a beautiful bike for Zuster Stout to use!! Miracle. Saturday we biked for an hour-and-a-half through the rain to an appointment in a small doorpje (village/town) south of Haarlem, and later that evening had an unpleasant encounter with some pathetic fellows with foul habits and comments. Sunday I gave a talk in Dutch without any tears, victory! I was nog steeds (still) nervous, but het kwam goed :) (it ended well). I wrote it in Dutch so I wouldn't have to worry about translating it later (something that made my first talk more stressful)

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