Monday, July 30, 2012

June 18

So this last week was pretty much perfect...

Rebecca Hinchcliff
Jun 18
to julieme
well, almost...haha last week was super great and a great summary of it is I
 LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! Truth :) I think it must be a combination of
regular/frequent scripture reading combined with testimony sharing comb-
ined with seeing progress in really great friends as they prepare for baptism
combined with the spirit leading and guiding the way combined with feeling
and sharing God's love with everyone combined with....well actually I could
keep going, but I think you get the picture :) My mission is definitely NOT
 easy, I have my set-backs and disappointments and I would never ever
describe them as easy. Like waking up in the middle of the night puking
bucket-loads of I don't know what, biking so much your knees ache
when you bend each evening, having appointments fall through, having
 friends decide they actually aren't too sure if they want to continue in the
 gospel, etc. But, when reflecting on my mission thus far I can pretty easily
 glide over the memory of the hard things and focus on the perfect
moments in between. Like extending baptismal dates, helping friends
prepare to make covenants that will help them progress,building really
great relationships with companions, members, investigators, basically
everyone around me, knowing that the Lord is guiding and directing me
as I do my best to do his will, etc. The gospel is all about love and joy and
that is what I came on a mission to share. I am so grateful for perfect
moments that make all the rest of the hard stuff worth it. I am grateful for
 the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that by increasing my understanding of it
 I can better apply it, especially the Atonement, and become a better person
 by helping others become more. Which is actually probably one of my
favorite parts of the gospel, that through the Atonement we can become
more and eventually reach our full potential, a potential we can't even
imagine. So cool!! We're great...But only because our heritage is even
greater :)

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